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Add a New Language

MASTG Translations

The MASTG is a living document that changes and adapts to the most recent security recommendations every day. While we do want to reach the maximum audience possible, our past experience shows that maintaining translations has proven to be an extremely challenging task. Therefore, please understand that any PRs containing MASTG translations will be declined, but you're free to do them on your own forks.

🇯🇵 A translation of the MASTG into Japanese is available on Github: Thanks to @coky-t for pushing this forward!

That said, we **strongly encourage further translations of the MASVS as it is much easier to maintain and you'll get a translated Mobile App Security Checklists mapping to the MASTG for free.

MASVS Translations

To add a new language you have to follow the steps from both sections below.

  1. Create a folder with the language of choice, e.g. Document-ja.
  2. Copy an existing from another language and modify it for the new language.
  3. Add the language to the list of languages in
  4. Update .github/workflows/docgenerator.yml and add the action steps for the new language.
  5. Update ../ to include the new language.
  6. Extend the ../ with the newly available language.
  7. Release the MASVS.

In the MASTG

IMPORTANT: only after releasing the MASVS!

  1. Add the new language to src/scripts/
  2. Push and verify that the new Checklist is correctly generated for the new language.