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Contributing to the MAS Project

First of all, ⭐ Give us a Star in GitHub!

The MAS project is an open source effort and we welcome all kinds of contributions and feedback.

Help us improve & join our community:

Contribute with content:

  • 💡 Propose ideas or suggest improvements (MASTG/MASVS). If it qualifies we'll promote it to an Issue.
  • 📄 Create a Pull Request for concrete fixes (e.g. grammar/typos) or content already approved by the core team.

Before you start contributing, please check our pages "How Can You Contribute?" and "Getting Started". If you have any doubts please contact us.

🚫 What not to do

Although we greatly appreciate any and all contributions to the project, there are a few things that you should take into consideration:

  • No advertisement: The OWASP mobile Security Project cannot be used as a platform for advertisement of commercial tools, companies or individuals. Technical content such as the implementation of certain techniques or tests should be written with free and open-source tools in mind. Commercial tools are typically not accepted, but might be referenced in some specific cases.
  • No unnecessary self-promotion of tools or blog posts: If you have a relation with one of the URLs or tools you are referencing, please state so in the PR so that we can verify that the reference is in line with the rest of the guide.

Please be sure to take a careful look at our Code of Conduct for all the details and ask us in case of doubt.

Our Contributors

All of our contributors are listed in GitHub repos. See OWASP MASTG Authors & Co-Authors, MASTG Contributors and MASVS Contributors.

Update March 2023: We're creating a new concept for contributions that aligns with the new MASTG v2 workflows. Stay tuned...

  • Damien Clochard (Automation in GitHub Actions with pandocker)
  • Loni Jacobsen (Access to Corellium)


Coming soon...


Coming soon...


The latest version of the MASVS v1 including all translations is available here:

Project Lead Lead Author Contributors and Reviewers
Sven Schleier and Carlos Holguera Bernhard Mueller, Sven Schleier, Jeroen Willemsen and Carlos Holguera Alexander Antukh, Mesheryakov Aleksey, Elderov Ali, Bachevsky Artem, Jeroen Beckers, Jon-Anthoney de Boer, Ben Cheney, Will Chilcutt, Stephen Corbiaux, Ratchenko Denis, Ryan Dewhurst, @empty_jack, Ben Gardiner, Manuel Delgado, Anton Glezman, Josh Grossman, Sjoerd Langkemper, Vinícius Henrique Marangoni, Martin Marsicano, Roberto Martelloni, @PierrickV, Julia Potapenko, Andrew Orobator, Mehrad Rafii, Javier Ruiz, Abhinav Sejpal, Stefaan Seys, Yogesh Sharma, Prabhant Singh, Nikhil Soni, Anant Shrivastava, Francesco Stillavato, Abdessamad Temmar, Pauchard Thomas, Lukasz Wierzbicki

Language Translators & Reviewers
Brazilian Portuguese Mateus Polastro, Humberto Junior, Rodrigo Araujo, Maurício Ariza, Fernando Galves
Chinese (Traditonal) Peter Chi, Lex Chien, Henry Hu, Leo Wang
Chinese (Simplified) Bob Peng, Harold Zang, Jack S
French Romuald Szkudlarek, Abderrahmane Aftahi, Christian Dong (Review)
German Rocco Gränitz, Sven Schleier (Review)
Hindi Mukesh Sharma, Ritesh Kumar, Kunwar Atul Singh, Parag Dave, Devendra Kumar Sinha, Vikrant Shah
Japanese Koki Takeyama, Riotaro Okada (Review)
Korean Youngjae Jeon, Jeongwon Cho, Jiyou Han, Jiyeon Sung
Persian Hamed Salimian, Ramin Atefinia, Dorna Azhirak, Bardiya Akbari, Mahsa Omidvar, Alireza Mazhari, Milad Khoshdel
Portuguese Ana Filipa Mota, Fernando Nogueira, Filipa Gomes, Luis Fontes, Sónia Dias
Russian Gall Maxim, Eugen Martynov, Chelnokov Vladislav, Oprya Egor, Tereshin Dmitry
Spanish Martin Marsicano, Carlos Holguera
Turkish Anıl Baş, Haktan Emik
Greek Panagiotis Yialouris


The latest version of the MASTG v1 is available here:

Note: This contributor table is generated based on our GitHub contribution statistics. For more information on these stats, see the GitHub Repository README. We manually update the table, so be patient if you're not listed immediately.

  • Reviewers: Reviewers have consistently provided useful feedback through GitHub issues and pull request comments.
  • Top Contributors: Top contributors have consistently contributed quality content and have at least 500 additions logged in the GitHub repository.
  • Contributors: Contributors have contributed quality content and have at least 50 additions logged in the GitHub repository.
  • Mini Contributors: Many other contributors have committed small amounts of content, such as a single word or sentence (less than 50 additions).
Authors Reviewers Top Contributors Contributors Mini Contributors Editors
Bernhard Mueller, Sven Schleier, Jeroen Willemsen, Carlos Holguera Jeroen Beckers, Sjoerd Langkemper, Anant Shrivastava Pawel Rzepa, Francesco Stillavato, Henry Hoggard, Andreas Happe, Kyle Benac, Paulino Calderon, Alexander Anthuk, Caleb Kinney, Abderrahmane Aftahi, Koki Takeyama, Wen Bin Kong, Abdessamad Temmar, Cláudio André, Slawomir Kosowski, Bolot Kerimbaev, Lukasz Wierzbicki kryptoknight13, DarioI, luander, oguzhantopgul, Osipion, mpishu, pmilosev, isher-ux, thec00n, ssecteam, jay0301, magicansk, jinkunong, nick-epson, caitlinandrews, dharshin, raulsiles, righettod, karolpiateknet, mkaraoz, Sjord, bugwrangler, jasondoyle, joscandreu, yog3shsharma, ryantzj, rylyade1, shivsahni, diamonddocumentation, 51j0, AnnaSzk, hlhodges, legik, abjurato, serek8, mhelwig, locpv-ibl and ThunderSon. jonasw234, zehuanli, jadeboer, Isopach, prabhant, jhscheer, meetinthemiddle-be, bet4it, aslamanver, juan-dambra, OWASP-Seoul, hduarte, TommyJ1994, forced-request, D00gs, vasconcedu, mehradn7, whoot, LucasParsy, DotDotSlashRepo, enovella, ionis111, vishalsodani, chame1eon, allRiceOnMe, crazykid95, Ralireza, Chan9390, tamariz-boop, abhaynayar, camgaertner, EhsanMashhadi, fujiokayu, decidedlygray, Ali-Yazdani, Fi5t, MatthiasGabriel, colman-mbuya and anyashka Heaven Hodges, Caitlin Andrews, Nick Epson, Anita Diamond, Anna Szkudlarek


OWASP MSTG "Beta 2" (Google Doc)

Authors Reviewers Top Contributors
Milan Singh Thakur, Abhinav Sejpal, Blessen Thomas, Dennis Titze, Davide Cioccia, Pragati Singh, Mohammad Hamed Dadpour, David Fern, Ali Yazdani, Mirza Ali, Rahil Parikh, Anant Shrivastava, Stephen Corbiaux, Ryan Dewhurst, Anto Joseph, Bao Lee, Shiv Patel, Nutan Kumar Panda, Julian Schütte, Stephanie Vanroelen, Bernard Wagner, Gerhard Wagner, Javier Dominguez Andrew Muller, Jonathan Carter, Stephanie Vanroelen, Milan Singh Thakur Jim Manico, Paco Hope, Pragati Singh, Yair Amit, Amin Lalji

OWASP MSTG "Beta 1" (Google Doc)

Authors Reviewers Top Contributors
Milan Singh Thakur, Abhinav Sejpal, Pragati Singh, Mohammad Hamed Dadpour, David Fern, Mirza Ali, Rahil Parikh Andrew Muller, Jonathan Carter Jim Manico, Paco Hope, Yair Amit, Amin Lalji