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Reference applications

The applications listed below can be used as training materials. Note: only the MASTG apps and Crackmes are tested and maintained by the MAS project.

Android Apps

ID Name Platform
MASTG-APP-0015 Android UnCrackable L4 android
MASTG-APP-0011 MASTG Hacking Playground (Java) android
MASTG-APP-0010 InsecureBankv2 android
MASTG-APP-0012 MASTG Hacking Playground (Kotlin) android
MASTG-APP-0002 Android License Validator android
MASTG-APP-0006 Digitalbank android
MASTG-APP-0009 DVHMA android
MASTG-APP-0001 AndroGoat android
MASTG-APP-0008 DodoVulnerableBank android
MASTG-APP-0005 Android UnCrackable L3 android
MASTG-APP-0004 Android UnCrackable L2 android
MASTG-APP-0014 InsecureShop android
MASTG-APP-0003 Android UnCrackable L1 android
MASTG-APP-0007 DIVA Android android
MASTG-APP-0013 OVAA android

Ios Apps

ID Name Platform
MASTG-APP-0026 iOS UnCrackable L2 ios
MASTG-APP-0024 DVIA-v2 ios
MASTG-APP-0025 iOS UnCrackable L1 ios