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MASWE-0032: Platform-provided Authentication APIs Not Used

Content in BETA

This content is in beta and still under active development, so it is subject to change any time (e.g. structure, IDs, content, URLs, etc.).

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Initial Description or Hints

AKA don't roll your own authentication security. Platform-provided APIs are designed and implemented by experts who have deep knowledge of the platform's security features and considerations. These APIs often incorporate security best practices and are regularly updated to address new threats and vulnerabilities. Not using platform-provided authentication APIs in mobile apps can result in security vulnerabilities, inconsistent user experience, missed integration opportunities, and increased development and maintenance efforts.

Relevant Topics

  • credential auto-fill to avoid copy/paste
  • correct use of Android AccountManager (e.g. invoke a cloud-based service and don't store passwords on the device). AccountManager data stored in clear in some Android versions.
  • use of CREATOR afterretrieving an account with AccountManager
  • use of Authentication Services framework on iOS
  • iOS Password AutoFill streamlines logging into web services at your domain. However, if you need to log into a third-party service, use ASWebAuthenticationSession instead


MASTG v1 Coverage

No MASTG v1 tests are related to this weakness.