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Last updated: September 29, 2023


InsecureShop is an intentionally designed Android application that showcases vulnerabilities, aiming to educate developers and security experts about common pitfalls within modern Android apps. It serves as a dynamic platform for refining Android pentesting skills.

The majority of these vulnerabilities can be exploited on non-rooted devices, posing risks from both remote users and malicious third-party applications. Notably, the app doesn't utilize any APIs. InsecureShop presents an opportunity to explore a range of vulnerabilities:

  • Hardcoded Credentials: Embedded login credentials within the code.
  • Insufficient URL Validation: Allows loading of arbitrary URLs via Deeplinks.
  • Arbitrary Code Execution: Enables the execution of code from third-party packages.
  • Access to Protected Components: Permits third-party apps to launch secure components.
  • Insecure Broadcast Receiver: Registration of a broadcast enabling URL injection.
  • Insecure Content Provider: Accessible content provider putting user data at risk.

Complementing these learning experiences, InsecureShop provides documentation about the implemented vulnerabilities and their associated code. This documentation, however, refrains from offering complete solutions for each vulnerability showcased within the InsecureShop app.