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MASWE-0066: Insecure Intents

Content in BETA

This content is in beta and still under active development, so it is subject to change any time (e.g. structure, IDs, content, URLs, etc.).

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Initial Description or Hints

e.g. calling startActivity, startService, sendBroadcast, or setResult on untrusted Intents without validating or sanitizing these Intents. Using an implicit intent to start a service is a security hazard, because you can't be certain what service will respond to the intent and the user can't see which service starts. e.g. mutable pending intents (not using FLAG_IMMUTABLE), replaying pending intents (not using FLAG_ONE_SHOT)

Relevant Topics

  • Insecure Intent Redirection
  • Insecure Implicit Intents
  • Insecure Pending Intents (Mutable, Replaying)


MASTG v1 Coverage

No MASTG v1 tests are related to this weakness.