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Mobile Security Testing Techniques

Generic Techniques

ID Name Platform
MASTG-TECH-0048 Static Analysis generic
MASTG-TECH-0050 Binary Analysis generic
MASTG-TECH-0049 Dynamic Analysis generic
MASTG-TECH-0051 Tampering and Runtime Instrumentation generic
MASTG-TECH-0047 Reverse Engineering generic

Android Techniques

ID Name Platform
MASTG-TECH-0043 Method Hooking android
MASTG-TECH-0024 Reviewing Disassembled Native Code android
MASTG-TECH-0005 Installing Apps android
MASTG-TECH-0108 Taint Analysis android
MASTG-TECH-0014 Static Analysis on Android android
MASTG-TECH-0018 Disassembling Native Code android
MASTG-TECH-0022 Information Gathering - Network Communication android
MASTG-TECH-0035 JNI Tracing android
MASTG-TECH-0029 Get Loaded Native Libraries android
MASTG-TECH-0002 Host-Device Data Transfer android
MASTG-TECH-0020 Retrieving Cross References android
MASTG-TECH-0008 Accessing App Data Directories android
MASTG-TECH-0027 Get Open Files android
MASTG-TECH-0017 Decompiling Java Code android
MASTG-TECH-0006 Listing Installed Apps android
MASTG-TECH-0011 Setting Up an Interception Proxy android
MASTG-TECH-0016 Disassembling Code to Smali android
MASTG-TECH-0028 Get Open Connections android
MASTG-TECH-0009 Monitoring System Logs android
MASTG-TECH-0039 Repackaging & Re-Signing android
MASTG-TECH-0033 Method Tracing android
MASTG-TECH-0034 Native Code Tracing android
MASTG-TECH-0010 Basic Network Monitoring/Sniffing android
MASTG-TECH-0040 Waiting for the Debugger android
MASTG-TECH-0003 Obtaining and Extracting Apps android
MASTG-TECH-0037 Symbolic Execution android
MASTG-TECH-0001 Accessing the Device Shell android
MASTG-TECH-0019 Retrieving Strings android
MASTG-TECH-0045 Runtime Reverse Engineering android
MASTG-TECH-0036 Emulation-based Analysis android
MASTG-TECH-0021 Information Gathering - API Usage android
MASTG-TECH-0025 Automated Static Analysis android
MASTG-TECH-0007 Exploring the App Package android
MASTG-TECH-0004 Repackaging Apps android
MASTG-TECH-0031 Debugging android
MASTG-TECH-0012 Bypassing Certificate Pinning android
MASTG-TECH-0041 Library Injection android
MASTG-TECH-0100 Logging Sensitive Data from Network Traffic android
MASTG-TECH-0023 Reviewing Decompiled Java Code android
MASTG-TECH-0026 Dynamic Analysis on Non-Rooted Devices android
MASTG-TECH-0042 Getting Loaded Classes and Methods Dynamically android
MASTG-TECH-0015 Dynamic Analysis on Android android
MASTG-TECH-0044 Process Exploration android
MASTG-TECH-0013 Reverse Engineering Android Apps android
MASTG-TECH-0032 Execution Tracing android
MASTG-TECH-0038 Patching android
MASTG-TECH-0030 Sandbox Inspection android

Ios Techniques

ID Name Platform
MASTG-TECH-0078 Automated Static Analysis ios
MASTG-TECH-0063 Setting up an Interception Proxy ios
MASTG-TECH-0097 Runtime Reverse Engineering ios
MASTG-TECH-0091 Library Injection ios
MASTG-TECH-0060 Monitoring System Logs ios
MASTG-TECH-0067 Dynamic Analysis on iOS ios
MASTG-TECH-0056 Installing Apps ios
MASTG-TECH-0055 Repackaging Apps ios
MASTG-TECH-0096 Process Exploration ios
MASTG-TECH-0084 Debugging ios
MASTG-TECH-0085 Execution Tracing ios
MASTG-TECH-0073 Information Gathering - API Usage ios
MASTG-TECH-0061 Dumping KeyChain Data ios
MASTG-TECH-0052 Accessing the Device Shell ios
MASTG-TECH-0088 Emulation-based Analysis ios
MASTG-TECH-0071 Retrieving Strings ios
MASTG-TECH-0069 Decompiling Native Code ios
MASTG-TECH-0076 Reviewing Disassembled Objective-C and Swift Code ios
MASTG-TECH-0066 Static Analysis on iOS ios
MASTG-TECH-0057 Listing Installed Apps ios
MASTG-TECH-0093 Waiting for the debugger ios
MASTG-TECH-0077 Reviewing Disassembled Native Code ios
MASTG-TECH-0083 Sandbox Inspection ios
MASTG-TECH-0072 Retrieving Cross References ios
MASTG-TECH-0086 Method Tracing ios
MASTG-TECH-0090 Patching ios
MASTG-TECH-0064 Bypassing Certificate Pinning ios
MASTG-TECH-0074 Information Gathering - Network Communication ios
MASTG-TECH-0087 Native Code Tracing ios
MASTG-TECH-0068 Disassembling Native Code ios
MASTG-TECH-0062 Basic Network Monitoring/Sniffing ios
MASTG-TECH-0053 Host-Device Data Transfer ios
MASTG-TECH-0095 Method Hooking ios
MASTG-TECH-0094 Getting Loaded Classes and Methods dynamically ios
MASTG-TECH-0079 Dynamic Analysis on Non-Jailbroken Devices ios
MASTG-TECH-0059 Accessing App Data Directories ios
MASTG-TECH-0070 Extracting Information from the Application Binary ios
MASTG-TECH-0098 Patching React Native Apps ios
MASTG-TECH-0054 Obtaining and Extracting Apps ios
MASTG-TECH-0089 Symbolic Execution ios
MASTG-TECH-0075 Reviewing Decompiled Objective-C and Swift Code ios
MASTG-TECH-0092 Repackaging and Re-Signing ios
MASTG-TECH-0082 Get Loaded Native Libraries ios
MASTG-TECH-0058 Exploring the App Package ios
MASTG-TECH-0081 Get Open Connections ios
MASTG-TECH-0080 Get Open Files ios
MASTG-TECH-0065 Reverse Engineering iOS Apps ios